Premium Onion Extract Shampoo


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PREMIUM SHAMPOO Nº1 with red onion extract from Nuggela & Sule . A shampoo that stimulates growth and keeps hair healthy and vital.

It has a formula that mixes tradition and science based on a high concentration of red onion extract (quercetin), which enhances the vitality of the hair as well as preventing and solving many hair problems.

The formulation of Shampoo Nº1 is based on 34 ingredients, highlighting Red Onion Extract, Marine Glycogen and Dead Sea Salts to offer one of the highest quality and most effective products on the market.

Its benefits include:

  • It stimulates hair growth
  • Provides more volume with effective cleaning
  • Provides more shine and softness
  • Delays the appearance of gray hair
  • Helps to stop hair loss




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