Ulric De Varens Udv Blue for Men EDT 100 ml

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UDV blue Ulric de Varen is a male “Eau de Toilette” belonging to the aromatic aquatic family. We are in front of a fragrance that stands out for its incredible freshness, like the sea breeze, a blue freshness that invades our senses, transporting the middle of the ocean, where peace and tranquility, and we can escape the crowds.

This fragrance is comparable to a cascade of pure cold water, which provides a shiver of pleasure to our body, and describes impulsive, free and fiery nature and a man of very strong personality, a sporty man, who fascinate outdoor activities free and the aromas that nature transmits.

Its evolution does not follow the classic pyramid shape, but remains linear throughout the process. Although initially found a strong presence of lavender, clean and refreshing aroma, it remains present throughout if you wake up, combining with musk, woody notes and amber, creating a sensual and irresistible tone, very virile and highly seductive.

WOOD FRAGRANCE. Its incredible freshness, together with its heat background, created for UDV Blue a perfect wake for timeless use, can keep you cool throughout the season.

BLUE SEA The bottle, straight and pure lines takes a square shape with a sky blue tone, reminding the ocean, a calm sea, bathed by the sun.

IDEAL GIFT. Thanks to the freshness of its characteristics, this fragrance has a high acceptance among the male audience, which is why we have a perfect gift idea.

EAN: 3326240003852

Brand: Ulric De Varens

Gender: Men

Size: 100 ml

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