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This Is Her! Eau De Parfum

30 ml


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Since its founding in 1997, Zadig & Voltaire has sought to explore duality. The Parisian brand does not try to instill difference, but unites and supports the balance. It does not distinguish between styles, genders or eras; brings them all together to create a unique product. This dichotomy can be seen both in the brand management where founder Thierry Gillier works with his artistic director Cecilia Bönström, and in the team selection. Duality and equality are integral parts of the brand’s internal policy, allowing it to score eighty-two out of a hundred in the French gender equality index. Zadig & Voltaire strives to improve this result daily€
We know that the official promotion of France-based fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire was made with the above sentences. After designing clothes and accessories, they also got into the perfume field. As of the beginning of 2021, they have released more than twenty perfumes. It can be said that they have given more weight to the perfume industry since 2016. This is Her was one of the first examples of the breakthrough in 2016.

This is Her, on the brand’s website, reads: A sensual, free and flamboyant floral bouquet that mixes Arabian jasmine, pink pepper, chestnut and vanilla, signature Zadig & Voltaire associated with sandalwood as the base note€ introduced in the sentence. In the first seconds of the perfume, we witness the floral vanilla. The announced top notes are Arabian jasmine and pink pepper. After the strange opening reminiscent of the beginning of Body Kouros, it is passed to the middle section. In the middle, we see that creamy, milky vanilla comes to the fore. The vanilla here is reminiscent of coconut milk. Finally there is vanilla again. In the closing, vanilla is accompanied by musk and a bit of woodiness.

Top notes: jasmine
Heart notes: mix of vanilla and chestnut
Base notes: sandalwood
This fragrance is a sensual blend of vanilla and chestnut, with a hint of rock from sandalwood. The perfume is made for independent women with a rebellious spirit.

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30 ml



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