The One Woman Eau De Parfum by DOLCE & GABBANA 50 ml

50 ml


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“The One” is all gold. It is the essence of luxury, the perfect representation of lavish styles and classic shapes. “The One” is a heady fragrance, from the floral-oriental family, with a modern touch of sensuality. A fragrance with a strong golden personality, very sweet. The woman “The One” is demanding, determined and competitive. She doesn’t wait for things to happen, she provokes them. Like a true diva, she is sensual, seductive and captivating.

Whether sprayed on sensitive spots or misted into the air to cover the wearer with a scent aura, The One is a “floriental” eau de parfum that combines contemporary fruity ingredients with the classic palette of white flowers. of the perfumer. Every woman is The One! »Stefano Gabbana.

Top note: bergamot zest, tangerine, lychee, peach.
Heart note: white lily
Base note: vanilla notes, resinous amber notes, musky notes




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50 ml