Superstart Renewal Booster by ELIZABETH ARDEN 50 ml

50 ml


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SUPERSTART SKIN RENEWAL BOOSTER helps restore the healthy look of skins surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew. Used before a serum or moisturizer, it boosts the results of your skincare products. Your skin looks beautiful, resilient and refreshed, ready to face the day.

Did you know that the condition of your skin’s surface layer is directly linked to how healthy, radiant and youthful your skin looks? When the surface layer is damaged, your skin may not be able to retain moisture, lose its natural defenses to protect itself and, ultimately, loses the ability to renew itself. Arden Active Skincare introduces SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster, designed to fortify skin’s natural ability to repair and renew by restoring the healthy appearance of your skin’s surface layer.

Used before a serum or moisturizer, it boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products.

Sea Fennel and Flaxseed Extracts helps reinforce the integrity skins moisture barrier.

Glasswort Extract boosts skins natural moisturization by reducing water loss in the surface of the skin.

Probiotics Complex optimizes skins microflora to help strenghten its natural defenses.



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50 ml