Sisley Paris Phyto Khol Perfect Eyeliner 1 Black 1.2 g

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A khol pencil that sublimates the intensity of the look and dresses the eye with iridescent, metallic or matte reflections.

Thanks to its “cast” texture, the only one that can incorporate the maximum of nacres to accentuate the metallic and brilliant reflections, and a very high percentage of oils and waxes to guarantee that it slides like a cream eye shadow, Phyto- Khol Perfect is applied in the blink of an eye.

His hard mine allows a perfect and precise layout respecting at the same time the fragile area of the eyelids.

Ultra-sliding and comfortable, its texture allows an easy and long-lasting application

Pure and intense colors to combine at will to multiply the effects

Tested under ophthalmologic control, the very smooth formula of the mine avoids all irritation and is suitable even for the most sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses.

EAN: 3473311873118

Brand: Sisley

Gender: Women

Size: 1.2 g

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