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Rouge Velvet Ink Liquid Lipstick by BOURJOIS #008



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Bourjois Rouge Velvet Ink is a liquid lipstick enriched with an intensely pigmented formula, which feels airy and comfortable on the lips and has a 24-hour long-lasting result. The formula of the Bourjois Rouge Velvelt Ink is of high quality due to the ink-like pigmentation, the extremely long-lasting color effect and an ultra-matte finish that lasts for 24 hours. With this luxurious liquid lipstick you can enjoy well-groomed and colorful lips all day long. In addition, you are also assured of touchproof lips!

A premium lipstick with a long-lasting formula and a more intense color
Pleasant feel and velvet finish
Tattoo and transfer proof effect up to 24 hours
Fine and precise applicator to outline and fill

How do you apply the Rouge Velvet Ink lipstick?
Step 1: Precisely define the contour of your lips with the line-and-fill applicator.
Step 2: With the flexible, flat center of the line-and-fill applicator, slide the brush over the lips. This results in a striking, even color with a matte effect.
Step 3: For ultra color impact, apply another coat and enjoy the touch- and transfer-proof long-lasting result. A beautiful matte lipstick with liquid ink that gives you the most vibrant colors with a long-lasting finish.

Bourjois’ makeup stays on, even if you’re wearing a mask.
Even with a mouth cap on you show true beauty together with Bourjois.


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