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Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

45 ml


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It does not matter what you wear, what makeup you choose or how high your heels are today. Karl Lagerfeld for Her women’s perfume is always ready to emphasize your femininity, confidence and sensuality with absolute comfort.

combines fruity and floral notes to emphasize femininity
stands out best when used during the day
The creators of the perfume are Serge Majoullier and Christine Nagel
The composition of the perfume
In the beginning you will win the combination of fresh lemon and juicy, sweet velvety peach. The fragrance continues to grow and shortly after you will recognize the floral chords of lush rose, intoxicating magnolias and sweet, fresh plumeria. The notes of musk, together with amber and woody chords, give intensity to the aroma and direct it to absolute perfection.

The history of perfume
Karl Lagerfeld’s genius is evident in his creations in the field of fashion but also in this particular sexy women’s perfume. Karl Lagerfeld for Her perfume is a sophisticated combination of elegant style and boldness. The perfume itself is a masterpiece and its bottle looks like an artistic architectural creation. It spreads a spirit of luxury everywhere.

High notes – develop immediately after application. They are the first impression and are usually very intense, they have a fast pace.
Top notes
peach, lemon
The so-called Middle notes – Heart appears after a few minutes, after the top notes are gone. They usually last 2-3 hours
Middle notes
rose, plumeria, magnolia
The so-called base notes – the latest and greatest phases of perfumes. It takes about 4 hours, but it can be all day.
Base notes
woody notes, musk, amber
Perfume category
Fruity, Flower
Karl Lagerfeld – one of the most creative fashion designers. He started his career under the name Balmain in 1955 and in his rich career he collaborated with famous names such as Chloe, Fendi and Chanel, where he worked as a creative director since 1983. At the same time he founded his own clothing brand Karl Lagerfeld, under which there are more affordable pieces for men and women.

The first perfume under the name Karl Lagerfeld was created in 1978. It was the famous men’s Eau de Toilette Lagerfeld Classic that is a combination of oriental and woody notes. This was followed by the seductive women’s perfume Sun Moon Stars which was especially popular in the 90’s. Karl Lagerfeld perfumes are combined with each other and, according to their creator, are “music for the nose”.

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45 ml


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