Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Eau de Parfum EDP 80 ml for Women

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As during the 60s, fashion took on a new futuristic style where metallic tones began to be a unconventional trend for times and acted as a prelude to the aesthetics album of the seventies; the creator Paco Rabanne, who had been trained in architecture before starting his career in the world of fashion design, was inspired by the trends of his time, incorporating them into his creative seal, depicting the futuristic vision and innovation textures with a touch of rebellion and dynamism, for the time. Following the avant-garde designer line.

Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne assumed a new style perfume during its launch in 1999,reaffirming the women of the future: modern, rebellious, independent and sensual, with a sophisticated yet unconventional style, able to hypnotize with their presence. This is the ‘Paco Rabanne’ woman, who leaves a trace of innovative oriental floral touches behind. A fusion of intensive floral violet bouquets, Japanese osmanthus, jasmine and roses, with immersive notes from pepper, amber, patchouli and exotic touches of chilli and cilantro. An silhouette ending with the sensual caress of vanilla, giving this perfume, an unmistakable, hypnotic scent for the senses. oriental floral. It is featuring a floral bouquet of violets, Japanese osmanthus, jasmine and roses, very sensual and captivating, in fusion with amber, patchouli and vanilla. An overwhelming, immersive and hypnotic perfume.

INNOVATIVE AND SENSUAL. A fragrance designed to dazzle at night, with a very feminine sunset, striking and sensual scene for modern, sophisticated women with a unconventional touch.

COLLECTORS. This fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier in 1999, for the fashion house Paco Rabanne, for which the bottle recreates the unmistakable seal of a futuristic fashion designer. For the first time the package design combines traditional materials like glass, an ergonomically adapted diffuser with a silicone halo decorating the bottle, and metallic finishing.

TOP NOTES Fresh pimento, Capsicum
HEART NOTES Japanese kinmokusei
BASE NOTES Ambergris, Vanilla

Brand: Paco Rabanne

Item: Ultraviolet Eau de Parfum

Gender: Women

Size: 80 ml

EAN: 3349666010532

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