Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or 50 ml

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The shimmering version of Huile prodigieuse® nourishes, softens and shines the skin and hair with a delightful |||nucleation thanks to the very fine sparkles of mineral origin.
Dry oil |||water is unique and its smell is fascinating.
You can use Huile Prodigieuse by mixing it with your daily care cream, foundation or make-up remover.
You can enjoy extra care for your skin by dripping some Huile Prodigieuse into your bath water.
You can apply Huile Prodigieus by massaging the areas of your body with cracked appearance.
By applying Huile Prodigieuse Or to your hair ends, you can have a bright appearance all day long.

Suitable Skin Type:
All skin and hair types

-Apply Shine Dry Oil to your face and body to nourish, soften and give a silky |||nude.
– Catch the light on your décolleté and legs by applying it to your body, and make it shine by applying it to your hair.
– Mix a few drops of Huile prodigieuse® Or with your foundation on the palm of your hand for a shimmering effect.
– As summer approaches, get the legs of your dreams by mixing a few drops of dry oil with Nuxe body 24 Hour Moisturizing Body Milk on the palm of your hand.
– Catch the light by massaging your legs from top to bottom with Huile prodigieuse® or for a silky look as if you were wearing silk stockings.
– A drop of shimmering dry oil adds radiance and light to your face.


Brand: NUXE

Gender: Women

Size: 50 ml

EAN: 3264680009785

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