Mustela Maternité Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 250 ml

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Mustela maternite creme vergetures 3in1 sans parfum specifically formulated for future and young mothers promotes the prevention of stretch marks thanks to a unique composition of active ingredients and ingredients of natural origin avocado oil active ingredient of natural origin this oil pure and rich in essential fatty acids helps to protect the vulnerable hydrolipid film to restore and preserve during pregnancy avocado peptides patented active ingredient of natural origin strengthens the hydrolipid film moisturizes and softens the skin complex of ingredients of natural origin derived from the polyphenols from patented maracuja and plant extracts of the hamamelis improves the skin’s elasticity prevent the appearance of stretch marks natural glycerine moisturizes and protects the skin use from the first month of pregnancy and after childbirth apply in a thin layer on the skin in the morning and evening abdomen hips thighs and breasts Massage until fully retracted

EAN: 3504105033811

Brand: Mustela

Gender: Women

Size: 250 ml

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