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Miracle Gel – Nail Polish by SALLY HANSEN #238-REGAL-ROSÉ



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Sally Hansen (1908 – December 16, 1963) was an American businesswoman, inventor, dancer, actress, and writer. She was the eponymous founder of Sally Hansen, Inc., a manufacturer of womens nail and beauty products. Sally Genevieve Hansen (nee Finney) was born in 1908 in Kansas City, Kansas, to Thomas M. and Jennie M. Finney, the owners of a small cosmetics company, La Finne. As a teenager, she left home to become a dancer in Hollywood, California, landing roles on stage and screen, including The Orpheus Four, Friendly Enemies and Spring is Upon Us.
Hansen became a frequenter of the Hollywood social scene during the Roaring Twenties. After her early career as a dancer, Hansen took over her parents failing cosmetics company and reinvented it as House of Hollywood in partnership with her husband and her brother. By the early 1940s, Hansen expanded House of Hollywood to include 26,000 square feet (2,400 m2), the largest private brand cosmetic house in Southern California. She was also made president of the California Cosmetics Association, its first female chair.


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