Listerine Mouthwash Zero with Wild Mint 500 ml

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Ever wondered where LISTERINE® rinse got its name? Dr. Joseph Lawrence, the creator of LISTERINE® mouthwash, wanted to name his work after a scientist who paved the way. Lister, an English doctor and surgeon, became the first surgeon to perform an operation in a chamber sterilized with pulverized antiseptic. The result? More patients survived than ever before. Inspired, Lawrence created a unique formulation of his own that was perfect for killing germs in tissues, like your mouth. The history of LISTERINE® goes back more than 130 years, to the beginnings of modern medicine.

It is clinically proven that LISTERINE when used twice a day: Provides 24 hour protection against dental plaque, the leading cause of gum disease. It destroys bacteria in the interdental space. Keeps breath fresh. It prevents the formation of tartar and helps keep the teeth naturally white. Alcohol-free.Opening: press the cap on smooth surfaces and turn it. Closing: Turn the cap to complete closure. Instructions for use: Twice a day after brushing your teeth. Measure 20ml into a cup, rinse for 30 seconds and then spit. Ingredients: see packaging.Warning: Keep out of reach of children and at a temperature up to 30 ° C. The product is not suitable for children under 6 years. Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged. Do not dilute, swallow or use directly from the bottle.

Brand: Listerine
Item: Mouthwash Zero with Wild Mint
Gender: Unisex
Size: 500 ml
EAN: 3574660649895

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