Lancaster Skin Life Early Age Delay Eye Cream 15 ml

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Lancaster Skin Life Early-Age-Delay Eye Cream 15ml will transform your eye are into its most radiant and luminous version. This product comes with a gel-like consistency that not only reduces signs of fatigue but also decreases signs of premature aging. In fact, the contour of the eyes is one of the first areas where marks of fatigue, aging, and stress settle in. Therefore, the Early-Age-Delay Eye Cream helps to reverse that process by targeting dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and dullness. After each application, the skin around your eyes will be smoother, nourished, and re-energized. Lancaster is a high-end brand known for researching and implementing the latest skincare technology on its products. The brand has identified three types of pollution: outdoor pollution, indoor pollution, and digital pollution caused by the stress and fatigue of the over-connected modern life. These elements have an extremely damaging effect on the skin causing an increased production of free radicals. Exposure to pollution means, therefore, an acceleration in the skin aging process. In collecting efforts to prevent this premature aging, Lancaster has created the Skin Life range. This set of products focuses on delaying the first signs of aging caused by pollution and on boosting the skin’s natural glow and freshness.


Brand: Lancaster

Gender: Women

Size: 15 ml

EAN: 3614224906146

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