Lancaster Instant Glow Pink Gold Peel Off Mask 75 ml

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Lancaster Instant Glow Pink Gold Peel-Off Mask 75ml is the perfect solution for when you need a quick pick-me-up to deal with tired and stressed skin. With a luxurious pink gold color, this innovative mask is able to increase radiance, re-energize the skin and provide extra nourishment, as well. Moreover, infused with rich and hydrating ingredients, this formula will comfort and revitalize your complexion in just 20 minutes. Thinking about women who want to have fun with their skincare, Lancaster has created this innovative range of gold masks. The Instant Glow Masks take a step further from traditional skincare so you can experience a unique moment while still benefiting from an efficient formula. The Lancaster Instant Glow Masks unveil your skin’s natural glow and radiance, so you can shine no matter the occasion. You can enjoy the benefits of each mask by itself, or use the different formulas in combination for a complete glow-up. Try to apply the Gold Mask on the outer contour of your face, the Pink Gold on the cheeks, and, lastly, the White Gold on the T-zone. Watch how your whole complexion radiates after each peel-off!


Brand: Lancaster

Gender: Women

Size: 75 ml

EAN: 3614227399877

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