Lancaster Cleansers Comforting Perfecting Toner 400 ml

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Providing an alcohol free formula that perfects the skin whilst simultaneously offering moisturising action that leaves skin smooth and supple. The Lancaster Cleansing Comforting Cleanser is an every-day treatment that comforts the skin and leaves the skin optimised for your moisturiser.

Having sensitive or delicate skin can be a big problem when choosing a skin care product. Lancaster offers you an easy and safe solution that will gently care for your skin.

Lancaster Comforting Perfecting Toner is a facial toner, especially indicated for the care of sensitive and very sensitive skin. It deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it completely repaired and much softer to the touch.

Formulated with flowers, it provides greater flexibility, elasticity and deep cleansing of your skin. It does not produce tightness or irritation, so it will not damage your skin at all.


Brand: Lancaster

Gender: Women

Size: 400 ml

EAN: 3414200380010

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