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Keratin Post Alisado Profesional Set 2 Pcs by KATIVA 2 pcs

2 pcs


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The Set contains:
Kativa Keratina Shampoo Straight Hair 250 ml
Kativa Keratina Conditioner Straight Hair 250 ml

This kit post smoothing of the trademark Kativa is special for hair treatment, straightening, volume reduction, or simply dyed. It is formulated with products like the keratin or the arginine and in addition, does not contain formaldehyde. It is perfect to rehydrate your hair punished or weakened.

The shampoo post straightening (250ml) with keratin and no formaldehyde protects your hair and moisturizes it deeply. To not wear a salt, maintains the results of the treatment for a longer time.

The conditioner post straightening (250ml) is a balm extra creamy and smooth texture, rich in natural antioxidants which hydrate and soften your hair. Eliminates the frizz.

Kativa is a brand of styling products of peruvian origin that distributes worldwide.

They are known especially for their treatments of keratin and straightening brazilian, as well as its processes of maintenance of these treatments.

All their products are made free of salts, sulfates or parabens to a greater prolongation of the effects of the keratin in the hair. It is as well as can reduce the irritation of the scalp.

The essential ingredients that the firm Kativa used in the preparation of their styling products are the keratin, quinoa, argan oil, collagen and macadamia oil.

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2 pcs




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