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Gloss Color Elixir Lip Cushion Lipgloss by MAX FACTOR #25-SHINE-IN-GLAM



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Max Factor Color Elixir Cushion No. 025 Shine in Glam has nourishing ingredients, including mineral oils and vitamin E, to nourish your lips.
Max Factor’s Color Elixir Lip Cushion is formulated with polybutene to provide shine, mineral oil, petroleum jelly for nourishment and wax for guaranteed smooth lips. Women often focus on protecting their skin, but lips need the same care and attention all year round. Color Elixir Lip Cushion is perfect for women who want nourishment and color at the same time from the same lip product.
Controlled Cushion Applicator
Innovation for Max Factor – The soft touch applicator, designed with a beveled angle, glides over lips with absolute ease. Apply the soft, velvety texture directly to the lips, even without a mirror. Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Cushion can be applied anywhere, whether you are at home, at work or anywhere else.
Wide range of colors in one product
Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Cushion delivers the best of both worlds. The product is formulated with a built-in formula to choose between a light lip tint for every day or an intense rich finish for special occasions. Find the perfect color for you from the lovely seven shades and add it to your lips when they need a punch of color and nourishment.

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