Givenchy Pour Homme Eau de Toilette EDT 100 ml for Men

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The ideal scent for the modern gentleman should be like Givenchy pour Homme. Rather, it should be Givеnchy pour Hоmme. This is the scent of true aristocrats of the spirit, for whom there are, first of all, their own tastes, aspirations and preferences. It is addressed to those who know how to appreciate the true sincerity of feelings, who, in a relationship with a woman, are capable of constancy and manifestation of truly masculine care. Natural, rich and lively notes of living nature are perfectly combined with the results of the latest research at the molecular level. This is what ensures the richness and longevity of this masculine scent based on tangerine, grapefruit, gedeon, coriander, incense wood, cedar and vetiver. Aging and noble astringency to the aroma is added by the extract of davana.




EAN: 3274870303166

Brand: Givenchy

Gender: Men

Size: 100 ml

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