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Fructis Pure Fresh Strenghehing Shampoo by GARNIER 400 ml

400 ml


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Garnier is a mass market cosmetics brand of French cosmetics company LOreal. It produces hair care and skin care products. The company started as Laboratoires Garnier in 1904 by French creator Alfred Amour Garnier, through the launch of his first patented plant-based hair lotion, La Lotion Garnier. In the 1930s, Garnier was an early producer of sun-care items and the first to make a permanent home hair color in 1960. It was acquired by LOreal in the 1970s.

The new composition of Fructis products contains a strengthening fruit concentrate, exclusive combinations of lemon protein, vitamins B3 and B6, fruit and plant extracts for prettier and thicker hair. Fructis Pure Fresh hair and scalp for a long time.The result: Clean, fresh hair, light at the roots. The hair stays clean for a long time between washes.

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400 ml




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