Eyeshadow Base

5 ml


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Artdeco’s unique eye shadow base acts as a color-neutral eyelid base
Helps to correct imperfections and uneven eyelid color and thus prepares them for perfect application of eye shadows
The application of eye shadows is then much easier and the color of the eye shadows becomes more intense, more realistic and lasts until you make off
The creamy consistency is very easy to apply, does not dry out the skin and also prevents the deposition of eye shadows in the corners of the eye
Vitamin E, which protects and nourishes sensitive skin
Bisabol soothes reddened eyelids and neutralizes their color
Also suitable for owners of contact lenses and bisabol, which
Although the cup is small and compact, its contents last a very long time, which saves your wallet and, thanks to its size, is ideal for traveling
They fit under any eye shadow and do not necessarily have to be directly from the ARTDECO brand


Vitamin E


Helps soothe and neutralize the red color of the eyelids
Increases the color intensity of eye shadows and unifies the color shade
Great covering abilities
It prolongs the effectiveness for the whole day and creates eye shadows resistant to water and abrasion
Does not dry the skin
Thanks to the combination of vitamins and minerals, they nourish and protect the eyelids
Unlike many other eye bases, it does not dry out on the eyelid

Apply with a finger in a thin layer over the entire lid and then spread evenly.

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5 ml