Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Anti-Wrinkle 30 ml for Women

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The 1st* fundamental daily youth serum that targets and promotes the elimination of toxins related to stress, pollution, etc. Skin appears detoxified, revitalized and boosted.


Our skin is assaulted every day by UV rays, stress and pollution. The One Essential face serum and its even more powerful formula targets 100% of identified toxins* of external** and, for the first time,*** internal origin.
With a daily dose,**** the skin is detoxified and boosted, its natural radiance restored. The complexion looks revitalized, as if purified of all particulate pollutants.

* In vitro test on ingredients.
** Microparticles, heavy metals.
*** Volatile Organic Compounds.
**** 1 dose = 0.5 ml to be applied twice a day (3 pumps morning and night).


A fresh gel-serum that melts into the skin for a radiant finish.


ior Research has conducted studies on this hibiscus flower revealing that the delicate calyx, which bears the corolla of petals, conceals naturally powerful detoxifying properties.
Hibiscus extract has proven to possess a unique ability to stimulate the toxin recycling system of skin cells.*

* In vitro tests carried out on ingredients.


100% of identified toxins* present at the heart of the skin are eliminated. The skin appears revitalized and is more responsive to subsequently applied skincare, as the effectiveness of renowned age-defying ingredients is boosted by up to 4 times.*


After application:**
– more beautiful skin: 98 %
– plumped skin: 98 %
– fresher skin: 95 %
– smoother skin texture: 95 %

After 1 month of daily use:***
– more beautiful skin: 100 %
– plumped skin: 100 %
– fresher skin: 98 %
– smoother skin texture: 98%

* In vitro test on ingredient.
** Self-assessments conducted by 60 Chinese women after application.
*** After 1 month of use.


1. Begin by cleansing the skin with a foaming cleanser.

2. Apply One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum to the face, from the center outwards. In the morning, gently tap your face with your fingertips to awaken the skin.

3. Next, apply the Capture Youth Age Delay Advanced Creme to nourish, smooth and tone the skin.

EAN: 3348901362658

Brand: Christian Dior

Gender: Women

Size: 30 ml

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