Diesel Fuel For Life Homme Eau de Toilette EDT 30 ml

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Young people are yearning for their lives to be invigorated. They are searching for something fun and enigmatic to make them feel alive. Fuel For Life is an irresistible, vintage elixir that is powerfully attractive. Its blazing and passionate sensation ignites in these people an intoxicating thirst for life. It remains mysterious and underground, bringing out their rebellious side and breaking the establishment rules for freedom. It will make them feel alive. Diesel Fuel For Life Men is a Sexy, Vintage and Energetic fragrance. With blazing vibrations of Star Anis and Grapefruit, flashes of Raspberry and Lavender, and passionate waves of Heliotrope and Vetiver Wood.

Men’s fragrance Fuel for Life placed in the bottle in vintage style, which resembles an authentic carafe. Battered after stretching the pouch, which is hidden, we find the clean and transparent glass, including unusual and mysterious fragrance, based on the traditional male note forestry (fougere). It is enriched with additional aromas of flowers such as heliotrope and dog tag, which gives a new depth addictive fragrance, emphasizing the masculine sexiness. In the heart note and head are sensed chords of grapefruit, lavender and raspberry, suitable unusual fruit freshness. Packages sent two scents reminiscent of old parcels, tied a thick rope shabby. Women’s version is more sophisticated packaging, in the style of vintage glamor.

Top notes: fern, heliotrope, dog tag
Heart notes of grapefruit, lavender, raspberry
Base notes: anise


Brand: Diesel

Item: Fuel for Life EDT

Gender: Men

Size: 30 ml

EAN: 3605520386503

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