Darphin Hydraskin Light Moisturizing Gel Cream 50 ml

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Product Features: Ideal for use by people with normal and combination skin. It tries to provide long-term moisturization to the skin. It helps to provide elasticity, revitalization and regeneration to the skin. It can provide a feeling of soothing and relaxation on the skin.
Result: It helps to moisturize the skin.
How to Use: You can apply it to your face and neck area in the morning and / or evening with circular movements.

It is a moisturizing gel cream designed for normal and combination skin.
Made in France.
Every skin needs moisture, but it is important to moisturize it with products suitable for the structure of the skin. Products that are not suitable for the structure of the skin may not be sufficient for the skin, or they may come to the skin as heavy and oily and lead to acne and acne formations.
Combination skin is the type of skin that consists of the forehead, nose and chin area, where the area we call the T zone is oily, and the other areas are dry or normal skin.
When the skin does not get the moisture it needs, it starts to dry, loses the protective lipid barriers we call natural oils, and may turn into a lifeless, dull, flaky appearance.
The skin, which gains moisture, relaxes and regains its vitality by gaining flexibility.
The skin needs water just like all living creatures, and the water of the skin is also moisture. Moisturized skin comes to life, refreshes and gains vitality.
Dry skin remains vulnerable and becomes more open to external and internal factors.
Especially the face area is more waterproof than other parts of the body. Natural oils, namely lipids, have important effects on the permeability of the skin. Losing these natural lipids, the skin becomes sensitive, vulnerable and weak.
Darphin Hydraskin Light Cream 50 ml helps to moisturize, revitalize and relax the skin without leaving an oily feeling on the skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin.
It does not clog pores and can also be used on combination skin.
It contains impereta cylindirica extract, maku essence.

Helps moisturize, comfort, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.
Factors such as cold and windy weather, the sun, insufficient water consumption, various central heating systems, frequent hot and cold showers increase dryness on the skin, and a solution must be found for dryness. Unresolved dryness can lead to a very dry skin structure and, if it progresses further, to various skin problems or skin disorders.
Usage :
Apply morning and evening to your face and neck by gently massaging.
You can achieve more effect by using a suitable serum or aromatic care product before use.




EAN: 0882381004644

Brand: Darphin

Gender: Women

Size: 50 ml

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