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Cool Water Adventure Eau De Toilette

100 ml


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Create the image of the keen seeker, inspired and adventurous man with the Davidoff Adventure men’s fragrance. Its breathtaking sound will fully convey your mood and attraction, and if the desire for travel and searches is not enough, this fragrance will become your inspiration.

From the first notes of the woody-spicy perfume, citruses flavored with clove – tangerine, lemon and bergamot – are revealed. Their freshness, combined with such a rich spice, like a sip of cold water, refresh, tone up and seem to explode inside you with a stream of energy and determination. The “heart” of the composition belongs to the pigment, which clearly smells of spicy cloves, and fragrant sesame, which conveys the oriental atmosphere well. After a while, the trail reveals coniferous cedar, earthy and smoky vetiver, as well as exquisite, unobtrusive white musk.




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100 ml




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