Adidas Cool And Dry Intensive Roll-On 72h Antiperspirant 50 ml for Men

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Adidas Roller Deodorant for Men 50ml – created for energetic men who train actively. The deodorant formula was developed with the participation of professional athletes who have clear requirements for the quality and functionality of products in this segment.

The basis is an innovative absorbent complex that keeps the skin dry. The active ingredients of the deodorant prevent the growth of bacteria, absorb natural body odors and eliminate perspiration. The product contains special bactericidal and disinfecting additives.

Adidas Cool & Dry Intensive will give you a feeling of energy and freshness for the whole day, optimally controlling the process of perspiration, and thanks to a soft base of natural, environmentally friendly components, it prevents the occurrence of inflammatory reactions.

Brand: Adidas

Item: Cool And Dry Intensive Roll-on

Gender: Men

Size: 50 ml

EAN: 3607347411536

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