Bourjois Khôl & Contour Eye Pencil 002 Ultra Black 1,2 g

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Khôl & Contour is the essential 2-in-1 khôl & eyeliner that combines intense colour and extra-long wear for a flawless make-up result!
Its new soft and gliding formula is easy to apply on the inner and outer rims of the eye, ensuring a precise line, even application and irresistible contouring result from the first stroke.
This khôl & eyeliner duo does not smudge or transfer, it stays comfortable all day and… it’s available in 10 extra-long wear shades!
What’s more, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, Khôl & Contour is safe for use by contact lens wearers.
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Soft and blendable texture ideal to apply on both the water and lash line of the eye


Enhanced by soft pigments to provide intense result from the very first stroke


Hypoallergenic, gentle for the eyes formula enriched with natural wax and vitamin E


Long-lasting, up to 16-hour hold


Available in 10 extra-long wear shades

EAN: 3614223912117

Brand: Bourjois

Gender: Women

Size: 1,2 g

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