Lagerfeld Bois De Vetiver Les Parfums Matieres Eau de Toilette EDT 50 ml for Men

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Woody scent, a novelty of 2017 Men’s fragrance with Vetiver dresses the skin in highly masculine notes. The legendary designer weaved it from fresh woody and spicy notes. The new line of perfumes called Les Parfums Matiéres Karl Lagerfeld represents the first pair of fragrances for her and him, Fleur de pecher and Bois de vétiver. Karl Lagerfeld is a visionary when it comes to unprecedented materials. Just as perfect fabrics are the basis of its creation, so the basis of perfume creation are rare ingredients. The designer translated perfume notes from the language of the fashion world in order to create a wardrobe of essential scents. The rough appearance of vetiver wood resembles the texture of genuine leather. Bois de Vétiver eau de toilette has been created to become an indispensable piece in your olfactory wardrobe. It is an ode to vetiver and its contrasts. It is strong and soft, warm and cooling at the same time. We can characterize it as woody, fresh and spicy. It was created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud from Firmenich. The minimalist elegant bottles are decorated with a translucent transition in a smoky shade. The box is an imitation of the rough texture of blue-gray leather trompe l oeil band. The French name Bois de Vétiver (Vetiver Wood) underlines the French distinctiveness of the brand. Karl Lagerfeld perfumes logically follow the work of today’s iconic fashion designer. He embodies the true magnetism of man and woman, the feeling of strength, self-confidence and desire.

EAN: 3386460087285

Brand: Lagerfeld

Gender: Men

Size: 50 ml

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