Biolage Fulldensity Conditioner 200 ml for Women

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Summary Information:
Intensifying hair care cream against hair loss.

Product Benefits:
Professional care is required in order for sparse, thin and shedding hair to reach a thicker, fuller and healthy structure.
Biolage Fulldensity series is a special system designed to reduce hair loss.
Formulas with biotin, zinc PCA and a gluco-omega blend provide hair that feels dense, thicker and grows healthily.
Fulldensity Conditioner provides light care to each hair strand, nourishes and strengthens the hair for greater resistance and shine.
When used as a Shampoo and Conditioner system, it helps significantly reduce breakage for fuller-looking and healthy-growing hair.
It is ideal for thin hair that is thinned by shedding.
Strengthens thinning hair lengths.
Hair gains a fuller and voluminous appearance.
It has a light structure that does not weigh down the hair and leaves no residue.
It structures, nourishes and strengthens each hair fiber.

Apply to your hair that has been washed with FullDensity Anti-Shedding and Intensifying Shampoo for Thin Hair Shedding, Leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
It is suitable for daily use.

EAN: 3474630716568

Brand: Biolage

Gender: Women

Size: 200 ml

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