Art Couture Nail Lacquer by ARTDECO #942-VENETIAN-RED-10ML



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Brilliant shine, high coverage, fast drying and long hold

The Art Couture Nail Lacquer is an absolute high-tech nail polish. From the timeless elegance of the design, the high-gloss color finish to the formulation with nourishing active ingredients, all components are perfectly coordinated.

The innovative Perfect Coat brush makes it particularly easy to apply the nail polish accurately and evenly. On the other hand, the bottle with patented, double sealing system prevents the nail polish from drying out. So you give hren nails a touch of skin couture!

The main ingredients and their effect:Â formulation of active ingredients, such as aminopeptides, vitamins A, C, E and panthenol, richly nourishes the nails.

How to use

First paint a base coat (e.g. Base Coat). Then apply the nail polish in 1-2 layers, depending on the desired colour intensity. Important: Let the individual layers dry thoroughly.

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10 ml