Ange Ou Demon Eau De Parfum by GIVENCHY 30 ml

30 ml


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A woman with a mystery whose aura intoxicates you. Enigmatic, fascinating, charming, elusive. An angel – or not at all? Only she truly knows. Optional Seduction is always a mystery. Captivating more than just your attention, her charm is as hypnotic as the moon. Unknowable and with a hint of danger her appearance (at least) is purely angelic. Her fragrance is mesmerizing. With a spirit that is both dark and light, this is an Oriental Floral with a troubling sensuality and an indecipherable signature.
Haunting and enticing all at once. Rare ingredients are encased in a tear shaped talisman, a crystal almost plucked from a chandelier, translucent, yet dark and secret.

Oriental Floral

  • Head: White Thyme, Mandarin, Saffron
  • Heart: Lily, Ylang-Ylang
  • Base: Oakwood, Tonka Bean


Item: Ange Ou Demon EDP


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30 ml


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