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3-dot Liner by CLARINS #01-BLACK-0.7ML



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This revolutionary eyeliner combines the precision of an eyeliner with the stroke of a pencil.

The ingenious “ trident “ shape of the applicator allows the space between the tabs to be filled point by point to naturally highlight the look.

A totally new application that allows you to easily create a high intensity eye makeup

And lashes longer and stronger thanks to the Be Long Lash complex.


Simple stroke point by point.

Sublimate the look and cover all the tabs.

Method of application:Â

  As a classic eyeliner: Tilt the applicator and draw a thin line at the root of the eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

  To highlight the look: Apply in small spots near the root of the eyelashes filling in the space between the eyelashes.

This technique allows to cover all the eyelashes and provides a very natural result.

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0.7 ml




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