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We guarantee all our beauty products are 100% genuine.

All products that you can buy from us come only from verified distributors. That allows us to supply original and top-quality products. The fragrances you find in our shop are from the same distributors which supply physical shops that you can visit in person.

We have been in the market since 2018 and have served tens of thousands of customers since. We have supplied original products only since the very beginning. Any other practice is strictly against our code of ethics. Our long-term existence is linked to our continued growth and it is evidence of the high quality of our products and services.

If you have questions or concerns about the authenticity of a product you have received, please contact our customer care for assistance!

Trusted Since 2018

We have made it our mission to provide you with an outstanding selection of brand name beauty products with highly competitive prices.

We guarantee that all products in our store are original designer fragrances and that your information is 100% secure. At we have a commitment to quality products and authenticity.  We take pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value in discount perfume, cosmetics and related products. If you are dissatisfied with a purchase, simply send it back to us for a refund.

With online shopping, you have no personal contact with the vendor and you can’t touch the product or try it. With you can make orders without any worries. You can make purchases securely from our shop with the Trusted Shops trustmark with a money-back guarantee. You can follow the recent customer satisfastion from our review partners Trustpilot and eKomi

Check your cosmetics!

The are several online tools that you see the authenticity and shelf life of your product. If you are not sure about your purchase you can read the date of production from the batch code. Visit or to check your product details.

Cosmetic products which shelf life is less than 30 months must be marked with “Best before” date according to common regulations in the most of the countries. Such products can no longer meet safety requirements as soon as expiry date has been passed. It’s not mandatory to have such labeling for the cosmetic products which shelf life exceeds 30 months. Most of such products should not be harmful even after the expiration; but they can change smell, color, texture or simply become useless. Purchasing such product could mean wasted money.

What is batch code?

The batch code allows manufacturers or suppliers identifying the batch in which the product was produced. If the product is not made in a batch, then the code should enable the date and place of manufacture to be identified.

Where can I find the code?

The code is usually printed directly on the bottom of the container or somewhere near it; you can also try to find it on the product packaging.

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